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Greek Alexa: Will Build Custom Skills For You

Amazon’s Echo and its Alexa voice services are growing quickly. In fact, they’re moving fast enough that Apple and Google are now trying to play catch-up. Brands are even further behind. Most have no presence on these platforms. They are ghosts. When consumers ask about the brand or product, Alexa has no response and an engagement opportunity is lost. Sometimes it’s worse when Alexa does have a response and the content is not exactly what the marketing team would prefer.

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Our Professional Skills

Voice pioneer with 2 plus years experience of building great interactive apps and voice experiences for brands and publishers. Comprehensive platform for the full voice experience life-cycle. Proprietary platform and process for collaborative design and prototyping. Voice is an audio experience and every brand needs that voice heard™ Cross-platform technology ensures consistent voice experiences for all Alexa skills

Alexa Skills Development 97%
Web Development 70%
Android and IOS App Development 65%
Blogger 90%

Awesome features

We provide end-to-end design, development and management services for your custom Alexa Skill.


Collaborative design and prototyping of your voice experience and voice persona.

Transition Help

Applying our deep expertise in voice-first user experience (UX) and technologies to help organizations transition to Alexa. .

Our own Hosting

Managed services for hosting, maintaining and operating Alexa skills.

Our own Tools

We also have developed in-house tools to scalaby encode, serve and manage audio content for voice-first solutions that can be leveraged across multiple platforms..

Performance and Insights

After designing and implementing hundreds of voice-interactive audio content discoveries, ads and Alexa Skills, and measuring performance on millions of voice-first consumer interactions, we have unique insights into what works and how to enable it..

Dollars for an Alexa Audio or Text Briefing and $25 a month for daily updates
Dollars for an Alexa Live Radio Skill and $50 for each maintenance needed
Dollars for an Alexa News Skill and $25 a month for daily updates
Dollars for an Alexa Generic Skill and $50 for each maintenance needed
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    Skills are the brains that deliver something useful to the user. Each skill gives 
    Alexa additional intelligence so she can help users get what they want — in some
    ways skills are like mobile apps, and in other ways they are more similar to web pages. They can deliver entertainment and information, execute an action or enable control
     of other devices through the Alexa voice interface. The Skills also define what user 
    intents are supported so Alexa knows how to respond.

    Big Brands Want to Be Where Users Are

    Brands and Radio Stations ranging from Domino’s and Capital One to B-96 Chicago and WTOP News Radio in Washington have already built Skills that are providing them with a presence and a voice user experience (Voice UX) through Alexa. Skills enable consumers to order food for delivery, check their bank account information and access food and drink recipes through a simple conversational interface.However, most brands and organizations don’t yet have presence on Alexa because they don’t have Skills. When consumers inquire of Alexa about them, there is either no response or there might be some basic information gathered from the web. These situations are missed opportunities to engage with interested consumers.

    Building a Great Voice UX

    Greek Alexa is helping brands and other organizations streamline custom Alexa Skill development. We can provide guidance on what information and actions the skill should enable and design, develop and test a robust consumer experience. Developing hundreds of Voice UXs for content discovery, advertising and Alexa and measuring their performance for millions of consumer interactions has taught us a few things about best practices for voice user experiences. We can help you with your Skill development efforts or develop, manage and monitor the Skill for you from start to finish.To learn more about Greek Alexa's approach to building custom Alexa Skills, click the here.


    The primary Alexa use case is not just voice-first; it is typically voice-only. This requires a different mindset from building apps for mobile devices or web pages where you rely on visual, touch and click interfaces. Each use case is a voice interactive audio experience which we refer to as Voice UX.
    Greek Alexa has developed hundreds of Voice UXs for content discovery, advertising and Alexa Skills. We have also measured performance on millions of voice interactive audio sessions with end users. We know what works and what doesn’t. We also have a detailed process for designing, prototyping, building, managing and monitoring Alexa Skills.

    If you would like assistance designing or developing your Alexa Skill, click here to learn more.


    A friendly assistant called Alexa is changing the way people consume audio in the home & car. Millions of Amazon Echo devices with the Alexa voice assistant have invaded kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms across America & 10s of millions of cars will be Alexa enabled later this year. Today, people ask Alexa about the weather, to turn on lights or start Pandora. Greek Alexa is helping broadcasters use Alexa so listeners choose radio first.

    Get Started with Voice Radio
            The Leader in Radio for Amazon Alexa

    Greek Alexa is the recognized leader in bringing radio to the Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Echo smart speaker. While other companies have brought a handful of radio stations to Alexa, only Greek Alexa has built a scalable platform that can support hundreds of stations with high availability quality of service. 

    Voice Interactive Radio Delivers What Listeners Want

    Voice is quite simply the Future of Radio because it delivers what listeners want.
    • Convenience and Instant Gratification – “play Greek Music”
    • Content Discovery – “What's my flash briefing” , “play the ‘some Greek Music’”
    • Spontaneous Interactivity – users and broadcasters have always wanted to interact in the moment and voice delivers
    • Personality – a hallmark of radio brings an intimacy with voice that streamers can’t match
    Amazon Alexa has two added benefits for broadcasters today. Advertisers want to be where the listeners are so this provides a new premium ad unit for radio stations. It also provides an effective way to introduce your current and new listeners to content beyond the live stream, including podcasts and time-shifting their favorite shows.

    We Help Radio Speak ‘Alexa’

    Greek Alexa has been delivering great interactive voice experiences on Alexa and mobile devices since 2013. Our experience helps stations increase listeners and time spent listening while improving monetization. We have baked that expertise into our solution for radio stations.
    This is a great opportunity to bring radio back into the home. Act Now or forever be silent in Amazon Alexa homes – Greek Alexa  makes it easy.
  • Greek Myths for Kids

    Greek Myths For Kids, With this skill you can have your kids listen to short stories about each one of the twelve Gods from Greece. Just ask Alexa to open the skill, then you can skip a story by saying next or skip, or go back to listen to the story again by just saying back. If you want to stop, just say , stop.

  • Sfinakia Fm Radio

    With this skill you can listen to Greek music 24/7.
    You can say 
    "Alexa, Open Greek Radio""Alexa, Launch Greek Radio""Alexa, Play Greek Radio"
    Alexa connects you with Sfinakia FM Hellenic Radio from Washington D.C.

    See the skill on the Amazon Skills site here

  • Greek News of the week

    Greek News of the Week, listen to the top news of the week that went by. Consider These, a bilingual (English, Greek), multimedia news and information forum - social media, blogs and a weekly podcast - with Greek Chicago journalists Elena Spilioti and George Zorbas

    See the Skill on the Amazon Skills site here

  • Greek Music

    Open Greek music Skill to listen to Greek music LIVE streaming 24/7 music, interviews, news and more. Thanks for listening!

    See the skill on the Amazon Skills site here

  • Greek Audio Weather

    Daily Weather audio from Greece in Greek Language. We cover all major cities and islands. Every day you will hear today' s and tomorrow's weather from five different locations in Greece and every day they will be different. Skill gets updates everyday in the morning Eastern Time US.

    See the skill on Amazon Skills Site here

  • Greek National Anthem

    Listen to the Greek National Anthem with lyrics. 

    See the skill on Amazon Skills site here


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